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1. A crucible-type aluminum dosing holding furnace Patent No. : CN203798154U

2. A new immersion heating holding crucible furnace Patent No. : CN204718381U

3. A type of degassing equipment Patent No. : CN203794964U

4. An immersion heater Patent No. : CN203801092U

5. A new-type immersion heater Patent No. : CN204721641U

6. A new immersion heating bath holding furnace Patent No. : CN204718380U

7. An aluminum solid solution vertical furnace door self-locking mechanism Patent No. : CN203798166U

8. A rotary degassing equipment Patent No . : CN203794965U

9. An electric heating transfer ladle preheater Patent No. : CN203791610U

10. An auxiliary opeing and closing device for molten aluminum ladle cover Patent No. : CN204711176U

11. A type of inner injection molten aluminum refining equipment Patent No. : CN207418826U

12. A hydrogen analyzer Patent No. : CN203798755U

13. A teapot-type molten transfer ladle Patent No. : CN203791614U

14. A type of degassing equipment with an anti-cantilever falling mechanism Patent No. : CN203794960U

15. An immersion electric heating bath holding furnace for semi-solid casting of aluminum alloys Patent No. : N206572944U

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