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Molten aluminum transfer launder

Product Description

 Molten aluminum transfer launder


 The three performance guarantee parameters of the launder:
• Launder temperature drop ( with a cover and heater ): ≤0.5°C/m
• Launder lining life:  ≥12 months
• Launder outer wall  temperature:  ≤75°C


Molten aluminum transfer launder

Molten aluminum transfer launder

  Notes:  The launder cover (launder heater) and launder cover actuator are optional components .


Molten aluminum transfer launder

Molten aluminum transfer launder


- The launder is of vital importance for the quality and energy-saving effect of molten aluminum metallurgy.  Made of high-quality medium-density melted quartz refractory H2000 and pre-sintered at 800°C before assembly,  the lining of HYDEB launder has high aluminum tolerance, low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage and high strength. The launder cover can be used to reduce heat loss by over 50% while a launder heating unit can be mounted to minimize the temperature drop of the launder, thus reducing the tapping temperature of molten aluminum and protecting some highly burnable alloying elements.
- There are a number of launder shapes,  such as DC slot, elbow , tee joint and cross fitting. They can be combined flexibly together in use according to different site conditions .


HL Launder Features



High chemical stability

Not reacting with molten aluminum at operating temperature

Low thermal contraction coefficient and expansion

Super-high volume stability and resistance to thermal and cold shocks, reducing the
 maintenance of joints

An addition agent that is non-sticky with molten
 aluminum and able to prevent the permeation of
 molten aluminum

High non-stickiness with molten aluminum, solidified shell is easy to remove

High-strength H2000 material

Anti-erosion, sturdy and durable

High launder strength, low density

Easy to transport and install; once broken, it floats on the molten aluminum, easy to clear away

Poor water absorbability of H2000

Preventing the molten aluminum from absorbing water and increasing hydrogen content,
 without contaminating molten aluminum

Low thermal conductivity of H2000

Less heat dissipation of the launder, low self-heat storage, and low temperature drop caused by
 molten aluminum

Excellent thermal insulation performance and insulating
 layer with a low heat storage rate

The launder has a good Nano-heat insulating layer, with its shell temperature at a low level


Main performance parameters of HL launder



Launder temperature drop/m

≤0.5℃(with a cover and heater),≤2℃(no cover)

Surface temperature


Launder lining life

≥12 months

Launder flow ( molten aluminum )

1000-50 000kg/Hr


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