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Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Product Description



Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace


• The equipment is mainly used for solution hardening and artificial aging heat treatment of aluminum alloy workpieces and the annealing heat treatment of aluminum alloys.
• Used for treatment of aluminum alloy T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8.

Up to standard!

• The heat treatment of the aluminum alloy materials conforming to the US military standard SAE AMS 2772E-2008
• The heat treatment of the casting aluminum alloys conforming to the Chinese aviation standard HB5446-90



Vertical aluminum solution hardening furnace (electric heating, gas heating)


• The vertical aluminum solution-hardening furnace, also known as drop-bottom aluminum solution-hardening furnace, is a heating furnace for periodic heat treatment, used for production of ultrahigh-quality workpieces in the war, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and high-voltage electrical equipment industries.

• Small batch, high quality―the best choice for solution treatment of aluminum!!

Three performance guarantee parameters:
• Furnace temperature uniformity: ≤±3℃
• Temperature control precision: ±1℃
• Workpiece transfer time: 6-15s


Equipment Features
• A patented self-locking mechanism is adopted for the furnace door, ensuring that the furnace door will not descend by itself under any circumstances.
• There is a flexible sealing connection between the furnace door and the furnace body; the furnace door is pneumatically compacted, ensuring the synchronous sealing performance of the whole sealing surface.
• Each mechanical action is equipped with a perfect self-locking function, ensuring operation reliability and safety. Especially, there is a well-designed logical relation and reliable hardware-software logic interlocking circuit among the heating system, fan operation system, furnace door switch system, charging basket lifting system, water tank movement system and mixing system. They can keep the equipment and thermal treatment device safe in case a sequence error is caused by manual operation or a failure occurs in an action process during automatic operations.
• High furnace temperature uniformity. A large-flow and high-air-pressure heat-resisting fan is adopted, able to generate enough recirculating air quantity and pressure; the super-large furnace consists of multiple temperature control zones including “one main zone”, ensuring that temperature rises synchronously in all of the temperature control zones; the all-fiber furnace lining minimizes heat loss, ensuring that the furnace chamber temperature gradient is within a certain range.
• High furnace temperature control accuracy. Multiplex control maximally ensures that the furnace chamber does not overheat, thus protecting workpieces from being “softened” and over-burnt.


Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Gas heating vertical aluminum solution hardening furnace

Gas heating vertical aluminum solution hardening furnace


Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace


Main Technical Parameters


Power supply



Compressed air





≥20 m3/h (a gas storage tank can be set in case of insufficient flow)


Maximum heating temperature



Common temperature



Furnace temperature uniformity (during heat preservation)



Temperature control precision (during heat preservation)



Maximum charging capacity (including charging basket weight)



Maximum lifting capacity of the lifting gear in charging basket



Furnace surface heating (main part)



Empty furnace heating time (maximum heating load to 550°C)



Workpiece quenching and transfer time



Effective working zone size (charging basket size) (length × width × height)

35m3 at maximum


Equipment noise (over 1.5m away from the working face)




Electric heating aging furnace


• Used for artificial aging treatment of castings. Divided into car bottom and chamber types.


Technical Parameters
• Maximum heating temperature: 250℃
• Furnace temperature uniformity: ≤±5℃
• Temperature control precision: ±1


Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Aluminum solution hardening and aging furnace

Car bottom aluminum aging furnace

Chamber aluminum aging furnace

Chamber aluminum aging furnace


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