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Products Detail

Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)

Product Description

Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)


• Dehydrogenation/impurity removal/dealkalization!
• One of the most effective molten aluminum degassing technologies, the first choice for high-end aluminum castings!


Equipment Introduction
• The BDU is usually installed between the discharge outlet of the smelting furnace and the filter box. Melts flow into the BDU and rotate the rotor to break inert gases, forming a large quantity of dispersed bubbles, which then enter into the aluminum melts. After collision, capturing, surface adsorption and partial pressure action, the bubbles rise with gases and take hydrogen and oxide slags out of melts, making them into scums. Then, aluminum melts outflow from the degassing unit outlet, thus realizing the purpose of continuous in-line refining.
• The BDU offers more advantages than the commercially available mainstream box-type degassers. For example, multiple key technologies, such as box tightness and anti-turbulent flow on molten aluminum surface, have been improved, ensuring the high-efficiency, continuously stable and low-cost operation of the degassing unit.


Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)

Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)


Equipment Features
• Degassing efficiency is above 60%
 - Optimized dispersion of process gases in melts;
 - The maximum area and time of contact between dispersed bubbles and melts;
 - The box is completely sealed, ensuring a stable inert gas environment;
 - There is no turbulent effect on the melt surface.
• Easy to install and maintain. The lining of the preformed degassing box is easy to replace, minimizing production downtime.
• Long component life, low maintenance and operation costs.
 - The heater and heater protection tube have a service life of more than 3 months;
 - The box has a service life of more than 1 year;
 - The rotor and rotating shaft have a service life of more than 3 months;
 - Gases can be cooled without the rotor rotating the main shaft.
• The problem of excess aluminum storage in the box is solved.
 - A wholly tiltable degassing unit is optional. It can be tipped over at a specified time before the end of casting to pour all molten aluminum stored in the box into the launder to finish casting, thus solving the problem of excess aluminum storage in the box.


Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)

Box type in-line rotor degassing unit (BDU)


Main Performance Parameters



Maximum temperature of molten aluminum


Precision of molten aluminum temperature control (static)


Melt heating ability


Launder surface temperature rise


Launder lining life

≥12 months

Continuous service life of heater

≥3 months

Heater protection tube

≥4 months

Continuous service life of rotor

≥3 months

Rotor speed (stepless speed regulation)


Gas refinement

High-purity Ar or high-purity N2: pressure 0.2-0.5 MPa, purity ≥99.996%, Water (ppm) ≤3, Oxygen (ppm) ≤5

Degassing efficiency

-Hydrogen content≤0.12ml/100g after degassing under the following conditions: ≤maximum flow rate, hydrogen content at the inlet≤0.30ml/100gAl, molten aluminum temperature at a range from 700 oC to 740 oC;

-Degassing efficiency≥60% when hydrogen content at the inlet>0.30ml/100g-Al.

Dealkalization effect

Each alkali metal content<10ppm before refining, each alkali metal (Na, Li, Ca) content <2ppm after refining

Power supply

Power Supply:380V AC  50Hz,≤60kw

 Notes: Mixed gases, such as chlorine and argon, can be added as the case may be.

   The degassing effect refers to 3xxx alloy.


Main performance parameter specifications of the BDU


Number of Rotors

Maximum Molten Aluminum Flow t/hr

Maximum Gas Consumption L/min

Heating Power kw

Number of Heaters

























 Notes: Customizable according to customer needs
 1. Three-chamber/four-chamber degasser
 2. Degassing box tipping function or overall degassing box (with launder) tipping function are available to choose from.

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